Letter from the incoming President

Dear fellow Members of the Aldgate Ward Club,

I am honoured to be The President of the Aldgate Ward Club and will do my best to live up to the high standards set by my predecessors. Thank you for the confidence you have placed in me. I will do my up most to ensure an enjoyable year in fellowship and charity with you all.

Our relationship with the City and Civic team is indeed a key part of what we are about, supporting the Lord Mayor and Sherriffs in their activities, appeals, and uniting the Livery and Ward Clubs.

I find it a joy and privilege, to be part of the City of London and Aldgate Ward Club in particular. Experiencing the fellowship and camaraderie which is such a key part.

The is the home of the City Of London Corporation which shines a beaconing light on democracy, commerce, safety, and the values of life!

We should remember how privileged we are to be where we are with all the uncertainty all around the world our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with the people of Ukraine.

My Theme for the year is grounded in the Clubs founding principles of ‘Open To All’ to continue Growing, Giving, and Gaining creating strong fellowship at the Aldgate Ward Club (AWC).

We welcome anyone who works in the area, live here or simply those who have an interest in the City Of London – so all qualify, and any and all of you would be warmly welcomed as members!

I’m following in the footsteps of a succession of outstanding Past Presidents.

All of them in their different ways have always enhanced the club and its standing in the city.

At this point I should like to pay tribute to my Immediate Past President Hamish McArthur.

Hamish said at the beginning of his year that he wanted to leave the Club in at least as good condition as he found it.

Hamish you have more than succeeded in that!

The Club is in good financial order with a growing membership, a great feat while exiting a Global Pandemic!

You have led a wonderful series of events enjoyed by all.

Thank You Hamish. I will reply on your support and guidance in our year.

One of the Past presidents Andrew Marsden, who is standing as a candidate for Non -Aldermanic Sheriff 2022/2023. You’re nearly at the finishing line.

You have mine and the Aldgate Ward teams support, we wish you well.

I am also glad to announce that some of the leadership team of Aldgate Ward Club have been successful in representing this Aldgate Ward as Common Councillors in the City of London Corporation.

Shailendra K Umradia (Shai) CC   – President of Aldgate Ward Club
David Sales CC                                 – Senior Vice President of Aldgate Ward Club

Tim McNally CC                               – Junior Vice President of Aldgate Ward Club

My team and I look forward to all members support, to continue

Growing, Giving, and Gaining creating strong fellowship at the Aldgate Ward Club (AWC) by being ‘Open to All’

Shail Umradia CC


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