About us

As our motto says, the Aldgate Ward Club is “open to all” and we welcome anyone, whether you work in the area, live there or simply have an interest in the City of London. The Ward is a vibrant and active business hub, with many important City businesses and institutions.

There are 25 Wards (voting districts) within the City. Each elects an Alderman and a number of Commoners (a list of ours is on the governance page) to represent them in the Court of Common Council (the City of London’s “town council”). Through our members of the Court of Common Council, we take an active part in the administration of the City. Two of our Past Presidents have also been Lord Mayors of London.

The Ward Club celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006, but before that it was known as the Aldgate Ward Ratepayers Association and its history extends way back into that of the City. It started as a forum for local residents, merchants, traders and others with an interest in the area to make representation to the Ward’s Alderman and Commoners, but now it also has an active social and networking role for anyone with an interest in Aldgate or the City.

The Ward is also known as the “shipping Ward” in the City due to the presence of the Baltic Exchange and it being the centre of the shipping business with worldwide importance. There are many other important landmarks including the:

  • London Metal Exchange, the origins of which can only be traced back as far as the opening of the Royal Exchange in 1571 during the reign of Elizabeth I
  • The Gherkin
  • Lloyds Register of Shipping
  • Our Ward Church, the Guild Church of St Katharine Cree

Our members come from many City and other professions and walks of life – we are truly “open to all”. The Club is administered by its officers and committee – to find out more about our Committee and its functions go to our governance page.