The Aldgate Ward Club is governed by the Committee, consisting of the President, Senior and Junior Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and elected members all of which are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. 

Past Presidents also remain on the committee for 5 years and our Patron, the Ward’s Alderman, is also invited to attend, together with the Deputy and other Common Councilmen. 


  • Shai Umradia CC – President
  • David Sales CC Senior Vice President
  • Tim McNally CC – Honorary SecretaryJunior Vice President
  • Vanessa Dal Busco – Honorary Membership Secretary
  • Nick Smith – Honorary Treasurer


  1. Martin Ashton – Corporate Membership
  2. Harby Janagol – Corporate Membership
  3. Dhruv Patel OBE– Corporate Membership
  4. Jennifer Schwalbenberg
  5. Dmytro Tupchiienko   Social Media Officer
  6. Father Josh Harris Honorary Chaplain
  7. John Bath – Hon Social Secretary

Past Presidents

Hamish McArthur – 2021-2022

Geliya Chukmarova  2020-2021

Andrew Marsden 2019-2020

Chris Edge 2018-2019

Dr Trevor Brignall 2017

A full list of Past Presidents of the Club (from 1907) can be found here.

Aldgate Ward Club Rules

The Club Rules can be found here: