What do you have that other people want?

Businesses seem to have fallen into three categories over the last few months. There are those whose marketing departments seem to have adopted radio silence, there are those who have put information out on the pretext of being helpful but have shown in their follow through that it’s only skin deep. Then there have been those who have put information out and been transparent about how they are handling things – even when it’s hard. They have shown they care about their customers and do not take them for granted. Bravo!

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Letter from the incoming President

Dear fellow Members of the Aldgate Ward Club,

I note that I have the honour of being elected the 115th President of this august Club.

I would like to thank the previous President and committee for all the hard work last year and in particular those stalwarts of the club – Chris and Corinna Edge. Whilst they are both relinquishing some responsibilities, they will both still be serving on the Committee to the Club’s benefit. The now new IPP Geliya Chulmarova did blaze a successful trail with the club’s first webinars.

I would also like to pay tribute to Past President Valerie Boakes who has now stepped down from the committee. It has been five years since her successful Presidency, and we will miss her wise counsel. I still remember that September day in 2015 at Stationers Hall, for a Shrieval Chain presentation, when Valerie wandered up to me, engaged me in conversation and then nobbled me to join the committee! The rest, as they say, is history.

The diary of events for this year has been circulated with the AGM papers and hopefully the pandemic will not cause as much havoc on the Club’s events as last year because it will be good to be able to have fun in person again! We still need to confirm some dates in the later part of the year but as more people return to offices and more venues open up, we will hopefully get those dates confirmed in the diary. The first event is a virtual wine tasting on the 21 April and details will be circulated shortly. Thereafter it will hopefully all be in person events. The Installation Dinner is being held on the 3 June at the National Liberal Club and the Club’s Annual Civic Lunch is on the
9 July in the Crypts of the Guildhall with Sheriff Alderman Michael Mainelli as the principal guest.

We are looking to launch a few new initiatives during the year such as a Corporate Membership offering and some new merchandise, especially for the ladies. The Club has been successful in increasing the membership over the last few years and we plan to continue this membership drive. We will also be doing an update and review of the Club Rules which will be put to the membership for approval later in the year.

The committee and I look forward to serving you this year and I hope to see you all before too long.

Best wishes,


Hamish McArthur