Governance of the Club

The Aldgate Ward Club is governed by the Committee, consisting of the President, Senior and Junior Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, elected members all of which are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.  Past Presidents also remain on the committee for 5 years and our Patron, the Ward’s Alderman, is also invited to attend, together with the Deputy and other Common Councilmen. 

Officers and Committee

Geliya ChukmarovaPresident

Hamish McArthur  – Senior Vice President

Shai Umradia – Junior Vice President

Tim McNally  – Honorary Secretary

Chris Edge PP – Honorary Treasurer

Rev’d Nick Mottershead – Honorary Chaplain

Officer Emeritus – Derek Prentis PP MBE

Past Presidents

Andrew Marsden 2019-2020

Chris Edge 2018-2019

David Double 2018 to June

Dr Trevor Brignall 2017

Corinna Edge 2016

Valerie Boakes 2015

Mike Rudd 2014


Committee Members

John Bath

Brian Lehmann

Clive Osborne

Susan Garland-Worthington OBE



A full list of Past Presidents of the Club (from 1907) can be found here.

City of London

The City of London provides local government services for the financial and commercial heart of Britain, the ‘Square Mile’. It is committed to maintaining and enhancing the status of the business City as the world’s leading international financial and business centre through the policies it pursues and the high standard of services it provides. Its responsibilities extend far beyond the City boundaries in that it also provides a host of additional facilities for the benefit of the nation. These range from open spaces such as Epping Forest and Hampstead Heath to the famous Barbican Arts Centre.

The City of London combines its ancient traditions and ceremonial functions with the role of a modern and efficient local authority, looking after the needs of its residents, businesses and over 320,000 people who come to work in the ‘Square Mile’ every day. Among local authorities the City of London is unique; not only is it the oldest in the country but it operates on a non-party political basis through its Lord Mayor, Aldermen and members of the Court of Common Council. The Lord Mayor in particular plays an important diplomatic role with his overseas visits and functions at the historic Guildhall and Mansion House for visiting heads of State.

For more information, please visit the City of London web site from which this extract was kindly provided.

A PDF of the Club Rules can be found here.

Aldgate Ward Club Rules





  1. The name of the Club is THE ALDGATE WARD CLUB (“the Club”)
  2. The objects of the Club are to provide from time to time a central, convenient, inexpensive Club within the Ward of Aldgate in the City of London, or as near thereto as the as the Committee for the time being shall decide, where meetings may be held to promote friendship and the discussion of topics of local and general interest exclusive of those of a religious or political nature.




  1. The Club shall consist of Life Members, Members, Officers Emeritus and Honorary Members.
  2. The category of “Life Member” Has now been discontinued but such members elected to that category before the 10th November 1998 continue to enjoy the privileges associated therewith.
  3. A candidate for membership shall be an adult person who: –
  • resides in; or
  • owns or leases property in; or
  • works in; or
  • has an interest in;

       the Ward of Aldgate

  1. The Alderman of the Aldgate Ward shall usually be invited to be the Patron of the Club with privileges as for Honorary Members but with voting rights.
  2. The Club may nominate and elect any person as an Honorary Member or Officer Emeritus of the Club provided that such nomination has been approved by the Committee.
  3. An Honorary Member is not required to pay a subscription and shall not be entitled to vote.


Entrance Fee and Subscription


  1. Each person, on election to the Club, shall pay an Annual Subscription the amount of which shall be determined from time to time by the Committee and approved by Members at the Annual General Meeting. A Joint Membership subscription is available to Members of the Club at a reduced rate that shall be determined from time to time by the Committee and approved by Members at the Annual General Meeting.

No member shall be admitted to any of the privileges of the Club until the subscription due on election has been paid.


Payment of Subscriptions


10   All subscriptions shall be payable by bankers standing order in advance on the 1st January     annually, those Members who pay by other means may continue to do so until the termination of their membership


Subscriptions in Arrear


  • In the event of a Member failing to pay his subscription in full for six months after the same is due, the Club Secretary shall give him notice to pay the same within a month and, if the subscription is not be paid by the time stated, his name shall be removed by the Committee from the List of Members, but the Committee shall have the right to hear any explanation from the Member and, in its discretion, to reinstate him after payment of the subscription arrears should such explanation be satisfactory.







Property, Funds and Assets of the Club


  • The property, funds or other assets, other than jewels, badges. merchandise and the like, of the Club shall be deposited in a suitable financial institution, duly authorised and regulated by the approved Authority for that purpose, in the joint names of the Club Secretary and Honorary Treasurer for the time being, such names to be accepted by that financial institution by resolution from the Committee of the Club and by way of the mandate required by that institution. All payments, electronic transfers and similar transactions shall be made under the authority and/or the signature of the Honorary Treasurer and/or the Club Secretary. Failing one of those, the Committee may authorise one or more Past Presidents or other approved officers e.g. Junior Vice President, Senior Vice President and President, as signatories to transfer money in their place. Electronic transfers up to a limit of £600.00 (six hundred GBP) may be made by one of those designated above, or if more than £600.00, by any two authorised signatories.


Any property of the Club, wheresoever held, shall be fully insured in the name The Aldgate Ward Club.


Members’ Rights


  • No member can claim any proprietary rights in the property, funds or assets of the Club.


Election of Members


  • Each candidate for Membership of the Club shall complete an application form prescribed for that purpose by the Committee. Such form must give the full name of the candidate, his address in the Ward (or his usual residential address if not residing in the Ward) and occupation. The form must be signed by the candidate confirming his willingness to become a member of the Club and endorsed by the candidate’s proposer and seconder. The completed form should then be submitted to the Committee for its approval, or otherwise together with a completed Bank Mandate and the fee referred to under clause 9 thereof. The Committee may require the attendance of the proposer and/or seconder at any Committee Meeting at which the application is considered. No candidate whose application has been declined may be proposed again for Membership within twelve months unless the Committee decides otherwise. Membership can be approved by a least six Committee members by e-mail or any other electronic means and recorded as such in the minutes of the next following Committee meeting.


The Club Secretary shall inform a new Member of his election and furnish him with a copy of these Rules and such information as appropriate.


Committee Meetings


  • The Club Secretary shall summon the Committee Members to meet in the evening on the first Tuesday of January, March, July and October, or on such other day and time as the Committee may determine. The quorum for Committee meetings shall be six.


Special Committee Meetings


  • The Club Secretary shall, upon receiving a requisition signed by not less than six Committee Members, summon a Special Committee Meeting of which at least seven clear days’ notice must be given.


Emergency General Meetings


  • The President or any six members of the Club, may instruct the Club Secretary to summon an Emergency Meeting of the Members of the Club in such manner and at such time (without prejudice to the provisions of Rule 11 above) and such place, within the Ward of Aldgate, or as near there to as the Committee for the time being shall decide, and for such purpose as it may deem expedient.


Business at Meetings


  • The Chairman for all Meetings shall be the President elected under Rule 23 or failing him the Immediate Past President or failing him a Member elected by a majority of those present at the Meeting and entitled to vote.
  • An Agenda for each meeting of the Club or Committee shall be prepared by the Club Secretary and circulated together with supporting reports at least fourteen clear days prior to the date of such meeting to Members who are entitled to attend such Meetings and at least two clear working days for Committee meetings. No other business shall be considered by that Meeting, except with the consent of the President.
  • The quorum for any General Meeting of the Members of the Club is six members, all of whom are present and entitled to vote.
  • The order of proceedings entered on the agenda at every Meeting of the Club shall be in the absolute discretion of the Chairman of the Meeting.
  • No vote or ballot shall be taken unless at least six Members entitled to attend and vote at that Meeting are present.


Officers of the Club


  • The Officers of the Club shall consist of the President, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice-President, Club Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Membership Secretary, and Honorary Chaplain, who are Members and have not joined the club under Rule 41 dealing with Suspension of Rules subsequent to the 4th January 1927. Such Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to be held in February or other date agreed by the Committee provided it is no later than 31st March according to Rule 34. Those holding the Office of President, Senior Vice-President or Junior Vice-President may not hold any other Office.


  • In the event of the following Offices not being filled by Club Members. The Office of Club Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Membership Secretary, or Honorary Chaplain may be held by a person who is not a member of the Club subject to the approval of Members at General Meeting. That person will not be a Committee member, have no powers under Rule 14 and have no vote but may be entitled to receive an honorarium approved by Members of the Committee.


  • In the event of any officer dying or resigning during the year of office, then the Committee will determine a successor and notify the membership. Should 6 or more members object they are entitled under Rule 17 to call and Emergency meeting at which time the officer or officers concerned will be elected by the members.


  • Nomination for every Office and as a member of the Committee (except the Past President, who, after occupying the Chair for one year, shall assume and always retain that position and designation without nomination) shall be made in writing by the proposer and seconder and shall include a statement from the nominee as to his willingness to act if so elected, and shall be delivered to the Club Secretary not later than the day before the date of the January Committee Meeting each year. A list of candidates for the Office of President or any Office shall be given at the Annual General Meeting following and, if there is more than one candidate for any vacancy as Officer or for Committee, an election(s) shall be held by ballot. The vote will be taken, in person, by Members present. In the event of a tie in the votes cast the Chairman shall have a second vote in any ballot. In the event of a candidate not wishing to act, the candidate with the next highest number of votes shall be deemed to be elected.




  • The Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Club as set out in Rule 23 above and six other elected Members. Six Members who are entitled to vote at Committee Meetings shall form a quorum.
  • The six other Members above referred to shall be elected annually by ballot at the Annual
  • General Meeting. Any casual vacancies occurring during the year may be filled by the approval of the Committee.
  • No Member who has served on the Committee for three successive years shall be eligible for re-election until twelve months after the end of his third term unless no candidate can be found who is willing to act as a Committee member.
  • Any Patron(s) whilst remaining Member(s), shall be an ex-officio Members of the Committee with full voting rights.
  • Past Presidents of the Club whilst they remain a Member, shall be ex officio members of the Committee for a period of five years after their year as President unless they hold a position of Officer of the Club referred to in Rule 23.
  • The Ward Deputy or his chosen representative be an ex officio Member of the Committee and be asked to report to the Committee at their meetings or direct to the Club Secretary all significant matters and items that became known to him from Council or any other source in connection with his office as Ward Deputy that will affect the Club.


Annual General Meetings


  • The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held sometime between the 1 February and the 31 March. as the Committee shall decide, for the following purposes: –

  (i) To receive from the Committee –

  • A report of the general condition of the Club during preceding year to 31st December
  • A Financial Statement showing the Income and Expenditure of the Club for the previous year to 31st December together with a Balance Sheet showing the financial position of the Club at that date.
  • A list of the retiring Committee, showing each Member’s attendances, and indicating which Members do not offer themselves for re-election, together with a list of Members willing to serve on the Committee for the ensuing year.

                        (ii) To receive a Report from the Independent Examiner in accordance with Rule 37

                       (iii) To elect the President, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice-President, Honorary 

                               Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Chaplain, Honorary Social Secretary

                               and six other Members to serve on the Committee for the ensuing year.

                        (iv) To appoint an Independent Examiner for the ensuing year.

           (v) To decide on any Resolution affecting the Club which may be duly submitted to the   

                               Meeting as hereinafter provided.


The reports statements and information referred to under Rule 29 shall be sent by whatever means to each Member entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting. Reports statements or information not available to be sent with Agenda shall be printed and made available to Members prior to the commencement of the Meeting.


Resolutions at Annual General Meetings


  • No resolutions other than those necessary to comply with provisions of Rule 29 shall be proposed at an Annual General Meeting, unless a notice signed by the Member who proposes to move it and the seconder to the proposal, stating its terms, shall have been delivered to the Club Secretary twenty-one clear day before the appointed date of the Annual General Meeting. and such resolution shall be recited in full, with the name of the proposer and seconder, on the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting.




  • No Member who is in debt to the Club under Rule 11 shall be entitled to vote at any Meeting.


Independent Examiner


  • Every year a suitable person who is not a Member of the Committee shall be appointed as Independent Examiner. He shall report to Members at the Annual General Meeting and shall state within his report that all balances have been checked and that the financial statements have been checked and are in accordance with the books and records of the Club and that the club has operated within the Rules of the Club. The examination will not be deemed an audit.






Privileges and Duties of Members


  • A Member may introduce friends as Visitors at Ordinary Meetings of the Club, and every Member attending shall sign his name and write the name of the Visitor introduced by him in a book provided by the Club Secretary for that purpose, No Visitor shall be allowed to vote, but may speak upon any question before the Club with the consent of the Chairman. No Members shall at any time introduce any person who has been rejected as a Member or expelled from the Club.




  • All complaints shall be made in writing, signed by the complainant, and forwarded to the Club Secretary, who shall lay the same before the Committee at their next meeting to be dealt with by them.


New Rules or Alteration of Rules


  • No new Rule or alteration of an existing Rule shall be made and no Resolution having the effect of altering an existing Rule shall be made, unless express notice reciting the terms of such has been given, and unless it is made or passed by two-thirds of the Members present entitled to vote, and voting thereon, at the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special or Emergency Meeting, of which fourteen clear days’ notice shall have been given.


Suspension of Rules


  • No person shall be eligible for Membership of the Club unless qualified under Rule 5 save by Suspension of the Rules. Notice of Motion for such suspension of Rules must be agreed by two-thirds of the Members present entitled to vote and voting on the question before the election can take place in the form and manner provided in Rule 14.




  • Each Member of the Club must notify any change of address to the Club Secretary. All notices sent or posted to the last recorded address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered.
  • The Rules of the Club shall be printed and a copy of them shall be supplied to every
  • No Member of the Club shall be absolved from the effect of the Rules on any allegation of not having received them.
  • The above Rules shall be the Rules for the governance of the Club. All members shall, after the adoption of the Rules, be absolutely bound thereby.
  • Within these Rules the masculine shall include the feminine and vice versa.